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40 Bochurim to Head Record In-Person Kinus

As the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim prepares for its largest program yet, the Shluchim Office announces the head staff leading this year’s dual Hakhel program as they gear up for an incredible Kinus ahead. Young Shluchim around the world are eagerly counting down the days to the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim as it rapidly approaches. The three day weekend is an annual highlight for children of Shluchim who live around the world, designed to inspire, uplift and empower during a packed program. The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim team at the Shluchim Office has been busy from morning through night as they get ready for what will be the largest Kinus program to date with over 2,500 Young Shluchim joining both the in person and virtual tracks. “There is no doubt the Kinus program will be extra special with two simultaneous tracks joining together for an inspiring experience during this Hakhel year,” said director Rabbi Berel Bendet. “Even with a record number of Young Shluchim signing up to the program, each child's individual experience must be top notch. We knew we had to get the best and highest quality staff to create and ensure the best experience possible.” Head Staff 5783 Division One: Division Head: Moshe Zalmam Vorovitch (Toronto, Canada) Head Counselors: Mendel Goldberg (S. Paulo, Brazil) Reuven Mayer (Charlottesville, VA) Levi Shemtov (Crown Heights) Head Kloli: Moshe Newman (Arlington, VA) Division Two: Division Head: Meir Deren (Greenwich, CT) Head Counselors: Berel Danow (Leeds, England) Shneur Deren (Greenwich, CT) Mottel Greisman (Stockholm, Sweden) Yossi Spalter (Weston, FL) Head Kloli: Mendel Gopin (Miami, FL) Division Three: Division Head: Mendel Turk (Chicago, IL) Head Counselors: Menachem Cunin (Los Angeles, CA) Mendel Goldman (Philadelphia, PA) Zalmen Lew (Glendale, AZ) Naftali Shanowitz (Montreal, Canada) Head Kloli: Sholom Ceitlin (Toronto, Canada) Bar Mitzvah Program: Division Head: Mendel Backman (Glendale, CA) Head Counselors: Meir Lazaroff (Houston, TX) Mordechai Rosenzweig (Cedarhurst, NY) Avremal Silberberg (London, ON) Head Kloli: Moshe Rubin (Albany, NY) Hebrew Division: Director: Dudi Ashkenazi (Montreal, Canada) Head Counselors: Motty Barnea (Regavim, Israel) Zalmy Levenhartz (Kiev, Ukraine) Shneur Laufer (Ashdod, Israel) French Division: Chaim Azoulay Banquet Team: Mendel Denburg (Coral Springs, FL) Mendel Slonim (Binghamton, NY) Virtual Team: Mendel Greenberg (Vancouver, WA) Mattisyahu Weingarten (Flint, MI)

Ohel Team

Tzemach Shemtov (Stamford, CT)

Berel Morozov (Cleveland, OH)

The incredible group of staff is led by director Rabbi Berel Bendet with assistant directors Mendel Goldman (Gainesville, FL) and Levi Katz (Miami, FL) and executive team Mendel Azimov (South Brunswick, NJ), Chmouel Lachkar (Paris, France), accompanied by the logistics coordinator Mendel Greenberg (Commerce, MI) and social media director Mendel Cunin (Beverly Hills).

With registration rapidly filling, make sure to register now at Registration for the virtual program with the option to receive the beautiful Kinus Box closes on Monday, 13 Cheshvan / November 7.

Registration for the in-person Kinus program closes completely on Thursday, 16 Cheshvan / November 10. To get in touch with the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, email The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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