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5 "Don't Miss" Kinus Events

The Shluchim Office is welcoming all the Shluchos coming to the Kinus Hashluchos. Below are 5 worthwhile events and services offered by the Shluchim Office to make the most of your Kinus weekend.

1. Annual Shluchos Farbrengen

Join Thursday night, 18th of Shevat (January 20th) at 8PM, after the Kinus Hashluchos sessions conclude for an inspiring Farbrengen. Featuring Rabbi Shais Taub and moderated by Mrs. Tzivie Greenberg, the Farbrengen will cover staying afloat in life’s turbulent waters, how Bitachon can enhance every aspect of our lives.

The event at the Jewish Children’s Museum will include a gifted Tichel for each Shlucha, in partnership with Boutique25, a dry ice mocktails bar, sushi, desserts and more. A raffle will be held featuring vouchers to Tzfasman Jewelers, The Kids Shoppe and House of Lancry, among other great prizes.

The Farbrengen will be broadcasted live at

2. Chabad Early Childhood Luncheon

Chabad Early Childhood, the international network serving Chabad preschools on Shlichus, invites all Shluchos to a preschool empowerment luncheon taking place virtually and in person on Sunday, the 21st of Shevat (February 16th) at the Shluchim Office.

The luncheon will include presentations by Parsha Pegs designer Mrs. Chana Feldman and world-renowned early childhood expert Dr. Tamar Andrews. Shluchos can pre-register at

3. Shlichus Market Showroom – The One Stop Shop for your Chabad Center

Come visit the Shlichus Market showroom and experience many new products hands-on, including some amazing new Purim and Pesach products. The Shlichus Market has been serving Shluchim with all their Shlichus needs for over 30 years.

The showroom will be open for the entire week of Kinus at the Shluchim Office, 816 Eastern Parkway

4. Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos offers Young Shluchos a 4-day weekend experience of inspiration and friendship. This year’s program has expanded to both in person and virtual tracks, enabling every child to join the program no matter the circumstance.

After the optional Thursday program on the 18th of Shevat (January 20th) for the in person track, both sessions will begin on Friday morning for three packed days of Chassidishkeit, connection and fun. The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos will conclude with a grand banquet on Sunday night. For more information, visit

5. Annual Reunion for the Nigri International Shluchim Online School

The annual Day Of Celebration for the Girls Division of the Shluchim Online School will be held on Wednesday, the 17th of Shevat (January 19th) and will include a joint celebratory banquet with faculty, parents and students, and exciting activities with classmates and friends.

Services for your convenience:

Shluchim Lounge

Get away from the hustle and bustle to work in our relaxing lounge, located on the second floor of the Shluchim Office.

The exclusive lounge for Shluchim just steps away from 770 is ready and waiting with workspaces complete with computers, phones and Wi-Fi Internet access.

Conference/Meeting Facility

The Shluchim Office’s spacious on-site conference/meeting room will be available by registration only.

To reserve a time slot for your meeting or event, contact the office at 718-221-0500 x0 or via email at


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