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Celebrating Out Of The Box

What’s your Chanukah going to look like this year? 

Shlichus Market, a division of The Shluchim Office, released a brand new “Chanukah In A Box” with an activity for every night.

“Over the past half-year, due to Covid, we have been challenged to reach out and connect with our community in a new way. We took on this challenge by delivering meaningful packages door to door,” said Rabbi Moshe Sasonkin, Shliach in Akron, OH. “As Chanukah approaches, we were very excited to see the "Chanukah In A Box" that has been created by Shlichus Market. It is exactly what we’re looking for. It has almost everything a family needs to celebrate Chanukah including crafts for children and much more. A huge thank you for bringing this resource to so many Shluchim!”

“Inside each box, you’ll find a menorah, candles and holiday guide, accompanied by nosh and 8 activities and crafts - one for each night of Chanukah,” said Rabbi Avraham Green, director of Shlichus Market. “A kid-friendly version offers a create-your-own Menorah option as well. We’re very excited to help Shluchim bring the fun of Chanukah to their community!”

“Children, normally front and center at any Chanukah event, will feel the lack of in-person events the most. This chanukah in a box activity is just what we needed. It's fun, meaningful and absolutely Covid-proof!” said Rabbi Mendy Minkowitz, director of Chabad Elon.

“We’ll ship the new “Chanukah In A Box” to your Chabad House or directly to your community members’ door,” said Rabbi Green, offering as much flexibility as possible. “You can also purchase the box ready-to-go, or get the individual items to pack your own. Menorahs, candles, dreidels, nosh … the Chanukah Store is open and ready to help you spread the Chanukah Light around the world!”

Whether you have to think in the box or out of the box, has you covered.

Shlichus Market is a division of the Shluchim Office.


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