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Chabad Early Childhood Inviteds Shluchos To "Family History" Session

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office invites all Shluchos to their "Family History" session taking place over the Kinus Hashluchos weekend.

After the success of their last conference, Chabad Early Childhood announces their next conference taking place on Thursday, February 4 / 22 Shevat with Mrs. Bev Hartman, co-founder of The Parent Venture, Senior Adjunct Faculty at Pacific Oaks College, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University and a founding director of The Bing Institute.

Mrs. Hartman will be delving into the power of family history and exploring skills in telling family stories. Educators play a key role in encouraging parents and family members to make storytelling a part of childhood experiences, the session promises to give over learning the art of family history as well as gaining practical skills in this area.

“After hearing all the amazing feedback on how each leader really gained from the conference, we are really looking forward to our next session” shared director, Mrs. Devorah Krasnanski. “We are thrilled to have Mrs. Hartman join us and are excited to open this session to all Shluchos!”

This session follows Chabad Early Childhood’s last successful leadership conference, which supported, inspired and educated leaders of all kinds.

“The leadership conference was intellectually stimulating and useful, I enjoyed Mrs. Devorah Leah Rosenfeld's enthusiasm for chinuch and the array of books available,” shared Mrs. Ettie Klein, Shlucha to Johannesburg, South Africa. “Mrs. Diana Ganger is knowledgeable in her field and gave us much to think about and put to use. Thank you for hours very well spent even on Zoom.”

Watch highlights of each speaker from the leadership masterclass below.

Watch: Mrs. Diana Granger

Watch: Mr. Levi Segal

Watch: Mrs. Devorah Leah Rosenfeld

For more information visit Email with any questions.

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, generously sponsored by the Walder Foundation.

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