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Chabad Early Childhood Opens Registration for Preschool Leadership Masterclass

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office has just opened registration for their annual Masterclass for Shluchim and Mechanchim, featuring three impactful sessions with dynamic and highly-sought speakers.

Chabad Early Childhood is the international network supporting Chabad preschools on Shlichus with curriculum resources, teacher training, and more. Their annual masterclass is a highlight for so many, providing practical lectures and workshops catered to preschool leaders.

“The Masterclass was amazing, it had all the right speakers and was so inspiring and practical,” wrote Mrs. Nechama Fishman, Mechaneches at Torah Academy South Africa. “There was so much for us to benefit and gain from the sessions, thank you so much!”

This year’s program will be divided into 3 sessions taking place on 3 consecutive Wednesdays in August / Menachem Av: August 10 / 13 Menachem Av, August 17 / 20 Menachem Av, and August 24 / 27 Menachem Av.

The Masterclass is exclusively catered to preschool directors on Shlichus and is beneficial for both Shluchim and Mechanchim as well. The sessions will be tailor-made to address preschool management and leadership techniques, equipping Shluchim and Mechanchim with vital skills to run their Moised with professionalism.

Session 1 with Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman (Shlichus Coach)

Date: Wednesday, August 10 / 13 Menachem Av

Topic: SkillUp - Management fundamentals to run a preschool with professionalism

Session 2 with Mrs. Gitty Rosenfeld (Beis Rivkah Elementary Principal)

Date: Wednesday, August 17 / 20 Menachem Av

Topic: Communicate Effectively - The secret to building trusting and respectful relationships

Session 3 with Rabbi Shmuly Rothman (Fundraising Coach)

Date: Wednesday, August 24 / 27 Menachem Av

Topic: Turn your parents into partners - Find support in your preschool families

Shluchim and Mechanchim can register now at, early bird registration ends July 14. Contact with any questions.

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