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Chabad Early Childhood Releases Golden Nuggets From Leadership Conference

Chabad Early Childhood, a project of the Shluchim Office releases golden nuggets given over by 3 dynamic speakers from their leadership conference.

The Chabad Early Childhood held a leadership conference for preschool leaders and Shluchos to gain inspiration, growth and practical tools. Titled “From Brilliant To Great”, the speakers featured took the leaders on a journey of transforming the different aspects of a leadership position into something remarkable.

“The leadership conference was intellectually stimulating and useful, I enjoyed Mrs. Devorah Rosenfeld's enthusiasm for chinuch and the array of books available,” shared Mrs. Etty Klein, Shlucha to Johannesburg, South Africa. “Mrs. Diana Ganger is knowledgeable in her field and gave us much to think about and put to use. Thank you for hours very well spent even on Zoom.”

Mrs. Devorah Leah Rosenfeld spoke about how preschool is an opportunity to show everyday life through Jewish lens. She emphasised that by exposing children and families to Jewish books, we can bring authentic Jewish viewpoints and knowledge in an enjoyable style. In addition, Jewish books can show the children and families different ways that Jews look, mentioning that Hachai focusses on inclusion, displaying many types of jews, graphics of children with different skin tones, disabilities etc.

The topic of authentic communication was covered by Mr. Levi Segal who shared 4 behavior and communication types, highlighting the importance to explore and identify what you are and what your staff are so that you can communicate effectively. A successful team needs all types of communicators, so it’s important for leaders to know their strengths and create a team where there are all types of strengths.

Mrs. Diana Ganger explored the many facets to brilliant leadership, highlighting the importance of knowing your core values, leading by example and being transparent, open & honest. She also discussed the benefits of creating a safe environment for your staff as safety breeds creativity, providing a space where exploration and growth can flourish.

“We are so grateful to the incredible team of speakers who gave such beautiful insight for leaders of all kinds,” shared director Mrs. Devorah Krasnanski. “It’s been amazing to hear all the great feedback on how each leader really gained from the conference.”

Chabad Early Childhood will be hosting a conference during the Kinus Hashluchos open to all Shluchos, more information will be released soon. For more information visit Email with any questions.

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, generously sponsored by the Walder Foundation.

Watch: Mrs. Diana Granger

Watch: Mr. Levi Segal

Watch: Mrs. Devorah Leah Rosenfeld


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