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First Grade Shluchim Online School Students Celebrate Chumash Party

The boys and girls in the 1st grade classes in the Nigri International Shluchim Online School celebrated their Chumash party with an online, live celebration with staff, family and friends.

Joining together from across the world, families and school faculty tuned in live to celebrate the Chumash party. The long awaited event is a true milestone for the students who have worked hard all year long and finally earned their Chumash.

“It’s been amazing to see our daughter grow in her Chumash skills this past year” said parent Mrs. Mushky G. “It was beautiful to see her excitement and pride at the Chumash party, we are so grateful to her incredible teachers!”

Prior to the party, each student received a package in the mail with all the supplies needed to celebrate, including a backdrop, special nosh and a certificate signed by their Morahs.

The program began with presentations from the students who either sang a song or performed a skit before hearing inspirational words from teachers and staff. As each child received their very own Chumash, parents and grandparents who joined live were able to share their Mazel Tov wishes with the children.

“The warmth and excitement of the students could be felt through the screen,” shared Morah Devora Leah Notik, Associate Director. “It was so special to see the children's faces as they proudly presented the skills they'd worked on and mastered so beautifully!"

The Shluchim Office has announced the “Our Families, Our Shlichus,” campaign which will be launched tomorrow, Chof Zayin Sivan (June 26, 2022) with a goal to raise $450,000 in 36 hours to continue programs like these.

You can click here to donate NOW and join us together for Shluchim!


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