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Girls Winter Camp Announces Staff

As Young Shluchim count down the days until the start of the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp in Lake Worth, FL, which takes place annually during winter break, The Shluchim Office is pleased to announce the Head Staff for the girls division. The camp is a treasured opportunity for Young Shluchim to spend quality time in a warm, chassidishe, fun environment together with fellow Young Shluchim from around the world. It is quite literally a lifeline for kids in remote places on Shlichus, who look forward all year to the camp.

This year’s girls’ division will be led by head counselors Chana Levertov (Austin, Texas) and Sheina Azimov (Paris, France). Along with head staff, Bryna Kosofsky (Longmeadow, Massachusetts), Simi Greenberg (Solon, Ohio), Chayale Greenberg (Shanghai, China), Chava Lowenthal (Copenhagen, Denmark), Chaya Hanoka (Pasadena, California), Chani Hertz (Edegem, Belgium), and Tzivie Rodal (Johannesburg, South Africa). They have been hard at work for several weeks, planning and organizing an amazing program for the Young Shluchos, and will be operating under camp director Mrs. Malkie Itkin, from Boynton Beach, Florida.

“Growing up on Shlichus, this camp was the highlight of my year” says Chana Levertov. “I am so excited to give the Young Shluchos the fun and meaningful experience that I had, empowering them to go back to their Shlichus with renewed energy.”

The camp is a project of the Shluchim Office in New York, directed by Rabbi Gedalya Shemtov. Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of OK Kosher organization is the main sponsor of the camp.

Camp dates for this year are 27 Kislev - 5 Teves (December 25 - January 2). Parents can take advantage of this amazing opportunity and register now at The special early bird discount ends on 2 Kislev (November 30).

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