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Girls Winter Camp Ends on a High

Over 150 Young Shluchos from around the world wrapped up an amazing, packed 10 day experience at Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp.

After so many months of being home, the campers were so happy to be back with their friends, soaking up the sunshine and treasured time in a Covid-safe camp environment. From the first day of camp when the girls arrived, the Chayus and excitement that was felt carried throughout the experience.

“Before I came to camp, I knew it was amazing to be a Shlucha, but it can be hard being the only Lubavitcher where I live,” shared camper Bluma Refson, Shlucha to Athens, Georgia. “Being in camp showed me how lucky and proud I am and should be. Just being here, with other Shluchos and the awesome staff gave me so much Chayus to take back home.”

The Young Shluchos enjoyed a full program including ziplining, boating, arts and crafts, swimming and many programs centered around strengthening their Hiskashrus. Through the many activities, trips and Farbrengens, the girls connected with their bunkmates and counselors, inspiring and motivating them in their Shlichus.

“My daughter just returned home from Machane Rivka and I have never seen her this content,” wrote Mrs. Kesem Mia Hetsrony, Shlucha to Houston, Texas who sent her daughter for the first time. “From everything she is sharing and the beautiful pictures we saw, it is apparent that the utmost love and attention was given to every camper. We are so grateful for this experience. It has truly been a gift for our daughter!”

Many thanks are due to the talented team of staff, led by director Mrs. Mushka Minsky with head counselors Chana Paltiel and Zelda Minsky. The amazing group of head staff included Esther Weinstein, Chana Yerushalmi, Simi Greenberg, Frayde Trachtman, activity director Shayna Dinerman, Ruchnius director Mussy Weiss, kitchen manager Chavi Swued, and camp nurse Mushka Nathanson. Special thanks go to the dedicated counselors including Mushky Cohen, Chana Grossbaum, Mushkie Hecht, Miriam Kantor, Shterni Hami, Rivka Goldenberg, Mushka Teitelbaum, Etti Simpson, Shani Azimov and Chana Levertov.

View the full gallery of photos from the girls camp here.

Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp is a project of the Shluchim Office. The Shluchim Office and the Young Shluchim division honor the memory of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy A”H of OK Kosher organization, a longtime sponsor of this worthy cause.


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