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Graduation Trip A Blast For Online School Girls

The eighth grade students of the Nigri Shluchim Online School of the Shluchim Office had a blast at their graduation trip, a special experience to spend time with each other, gain inspiration and have lots of fun.

After months of learning online, the girls were eagerly looking forward to this unique opportunity to come together for their graduation trip. This trip culminates their elementary years of learning together online, and a chance for the classmates who live on Shlichus around the world to get together in person.

“I loved every part of the graduation trip,” shared student Chayale Mendelsohn from Jackson, WY. “It was so exciting to see my friends, some of them for the first time, and not just see them but get to be with them for two full days!”

The first amazing day was filled with paintball shooting, touring New York City on horse and buggy, learning to analyze their handwriting and joining an inspiring Farbrengen with Mrs. Sandra Paul, Shlucha to Northridge, CA discussing ideas the girls could apply to their lives.

The next day began with Davening in 770 and a tour of the Rebbe's house with Rabbi M. Krinsky. The girls headed to an incredible Jewish Escape Room where they had to figure out a story about the Shpoler Zaide and Rashi, followed by a snow tubing trip and a few surprise stops.

“The trip was amazing, inspiring and so much fun,” said student Devorah Rochel Rapoport from Shoreline, WA. “Seeing my friends in person and getting to spend time with them was absolutely my favorite part!”

Special thank you to Doba Brikman and Chana Kosofsky who organized the trip, led by associate director, Morah Devora Leah Notik.


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