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Hundreds of Shluchos Join Live Shluchim Office Farbrengen

Shluchos from around the world tuned in on Thursday night of the Kinus for an inspiring, practical and empowering Shluchim Office Shluchos Farbrengen.

Every year, Shluchos look forward to the annual Thursday night Farbrengen, hosted by the Shluchim Office after the final Kinus session of the day. The Farbrengen is a space where Shluchos are inspired, rejuvenated and empowered in their Shlichus, holding authentic conversations that last through late in the night.

This year’s Shluchos Farbrengen featured Rabbi Shais Taub, the Hecht sisters: Mrs. Chanie Goldman, Mrs. Malkie Korik, Mrs. Zeldie Cunin, Mrs. Brochie Altabe, Mrs. Baila Brackman and Mrs. Nuchie Zirkind, Mrs. Rivkah Slonim and Mrs. Leah Potash.

“Thank you for an amazing, inspiring and practical Farbrengen,” shared Mrs. Chaya Mushka Scheiman, Shlucha to Chicago, Illinois. “I really took to heart the empowerment and mindset on why we Shluchim are in our Makom Hashlichus, thank you!”

Each speaker covered a different topic all related to a Shlucha’s role, focusing on Chinuch, Hiskashrus and the balancing act each Shlucha carries. In between each speaker, special presentations were shown with inspiring stories, beautiful music and meaningful messages. Lasting until late in the night, this year’s Farbrengen provided the messages and inspiration each Shlucha so looks forward to.

The Farbrengen also featured raffles for special packages including gift certificates to Tzfasman Jewelers, Solika, WuKoGals, Kidichic, Kettle & Cord and much, much more. Mazel tov to the winners Mrs. Sara Mochkin (Little Rock, AR), Mrs. Sheina Luchins (Mequon, WI), Mrs. Chaya Baron (Everett, MA), Mrs. Fraidy Vogel (S. Augustine, FL), and Mrs. Nechama Greenberg (Vista, CA).

Below is a presentation shown at the Farbrengen. A recording of the Farbrengen is available at

The Shluchos Farbrengen is a project of the Shluchim Office, sponsored by the Skolnik Family in honor of Mrs. Michla Schanowitz, Shlucha of Northwestern Suburban Lubavitch Chabad.


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