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Hundreds of Young Shluchim and Shluchos Join Lag Baomer Parade

From England to Argentina hundreds of young Shluchim and Shluchos from around the world tuned in live on Friday for an incredible Lag Baomer parade by the Shluchim Office.

“Thank you so much for a beautiful Lag Baomer parade,” shared Mrs. Sara Mochkin, Shlucha to Little Rock, Arkansas. “My kids really enjoyed and even won a prize, it was really exciting!”

The program began with reciting Tehillim for Meiron with MC Rabbi Zvi Hershcovich and watching a beautiful Rebbe video from a Lag Baomer rally. The 12 Pesukim were said by young Shluchim and Shluchos across the world who tuned in live and recited it with their families.

After listening to an inspiring story shared by Rabbi Benny Hershcovich, the children got to see the incredible floats submitted on the theme of the 10 Mivtzoyim. Before wrapping up the program, special guest ventriloquist Chuck Field joined for an amazing performance.

Watch the recording of the parade at

The Lag Baomer parade is a project of Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim (CYH), a division of the Shluchim Office.

A debt of eternal gratitude is owed to Rabbi Mendel Shemtov, ע"ה who, with vision and generosity, pioneered the Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim project and facilitated its growth to ever greater heights. May the merit of these programs serve as a perpetual source of nachas ruach to his neshomo on high.

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