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Hundreds of Young Shluchim Join Virtual Kinus Banquet

As Young Shluchim gathered in Crown Heights for the grand Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim banquet, a parallel virtual track joined live from all around the world, actively participating and joining in the celebration.

During the three day Kinus weekend, a virtual track took place simultaneously with hundreds of Young Shluchim participating in a full program in varied time zones. The boys enjoyed a packed program getting to know counselors and bunkmates, playing interactive games and gaining inspiration through a live Ohel rally and empowering presentations.

"My son really enjoyed the virtual program, it was amazing to see how organized, interesting, detailed, and hands every aspect was,” shared Mrs. Chayale Hershcovich, Shlucha to Montreal, Canada. “My son really felt like he was able to connect to his counselors and bunkmates and came out feeling proud and inspired to be on Shlichus!"

Culminating the incredible experience, the boys tuned in live to the grand banquet, joining their fellow Young Shluchim in person. Throughout the night, they were seen live on the main screen, participating, dancing and waving their Kinus flags.

“It was so beautiful to see the Young Shluchim from around the world fully interacting and enjoying the banquet,” shared director Rabbi Berel Bendet. “The spirit of true Achdus with both in person and virtual tracks joining together was felt in the room throughout the evening.”

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