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Hundreds of Young Shluchim Receive Kinus Box

Hundreds of Young Shluchim around the world are receiving their personalized Kinus box as they gear up for the Mega Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim happening this week.

From London, England to Odessa, Ukraine and even Melbourne, Australia every Young Shliach joining the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim was excited to receive their own Kinus box.

“Getting the Kinus box made me feel like I’m a part of Kinus, even though I’m not together with my friends” shared Yankel Sasonkin, Young Shliach to Patchogue, New York. “I’m so excited for Kinus!”

Complete with a Kinus t-shirt, Yarmulka, flag and Rebbe picture, the box also includes special items for activities and games to enable each Young Shliach to feel like he’s experiencing Kinus.

“The Kinus box was an amazing surprise,” said Mendel Galperin, Young Shliach to Solon, Ohio. “I’m counting down the days until I get to log into Kinus!”

"The Kinus is always such an exciting time for the Young Shluchim, and we wanted to provide that this year as well," said Rabbi Berel Bendet who directs the Kinus. "The personalized box with all the exciting things it includes really helps give them the authentic Kinus experience"

In preparation, an international “Show The World” competition has been launched where Young Shluchim can showcase their creative talents while illustrating the message of Chassidim Zaynen Ein Mishpocho - Chassidim are one family.

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