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Jewish Insights Announces Opportunity To Dedicate Lessons

For over two and a half years, the Shluchim Office has been providing the weekly "Jewish Insights" lesson series on the Rebbe's Torah, which is studied in nearly one thousand Chabad Houses worldwide. The series, published in five languages, has been a valuable resource for Chabad Houses around the world, providing weekly lesson-plans from the Rebbe’s Torah free of charge.

The production of these lessons, which involves a team of seventeen Shluchim, editors, designers and project managers, comes at a cost.

"We are excited to announce that sponsoring a class of 'Jewish Insights' can now be done in honor or memory of someone close to you," said Rabbi Avraham Greenberg, editor of the series. "This is a great Zechus for anyone who wants to support the Rebbe's Torah and honor their loved ones at the same time."

Sponsoring a class can be done either in part or in full, and the funds raised will go towards the production costs of future lessons.

Those interested in sponsoring a class can find a list of sponsorship options at

For more information and to access your weekly lesson free of charge, visit


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