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Nigri Jewish Online School Hires New Staff

As the Nigri Jewish Online School gears up for the new year, they announce new staff members Mrs. Chani Hertzel and Mrs. Noa Miriam Truxton who join the team with many years of experience and qualified talents.

“After an incredible year of growth in the quality of academic instruction as well as tremendous rise in enrollment of students, we are pleased to announce both a new principal and director of the Hebrew School Division,” shared Mrs. Bassie Shemtov, senior director. “Mrs. Chani Hertzel joins us with many skills having twenty years of experience in Chinuch and will no doubt lead and shape the direction of the school as it grows.”

“I am so excited to join the Jewish Online School team,” said Mrs. Chani Hertzel. “I am looking forward to meeting the unique challenges of providing the highest caliber Jewish education in the digital age and providing general oversight and guidance to the teachers.”

As the new year begins, Mrs. Chani Hertzel will work with the existing team which includes Mrs. Bassie Shemtov, Mrs. Mushkie Lipsker, educational director and Mrs. Leah Danow, administrator.

“One of the greatest strengths of Jewish Online School is the personal touch each student receives,” related Mrs. Mushkie Lipsker. “Although we have over 500 students, the students aren't treated like a number, rather each student is treated as an individual, set up for success based on their personal strengths, weaknesses, and talents. We're excited to grow our team, so that even as our student body grows, we never lose sight of our original mission, to keep the unique feel of a small school, with the personal touch from back when we started 12 years ago.”

“After being a teacher in Jewish Online School for so many years, it is an honor to have Mrs. Noa Miriam Truxton join us as the Director of the Hebrew School Division,” continued Mrs. Mushkie Lipsker. “In this new role, she will be working to raise the bar in all areas dealing with registrations, classes, curriculum, and extracurricular events.”

“With cutting edge technology, we can finally bring to fruition the Rebbe's vision of providing a Torah education to every Jewish child, in every corner of the world, no matter the time zone, the age, the level of observance or the level of knowledge, we cater to all," said Mrs. Noa Miriam Truxton.

Registration for the Nigri Jewish Online School 2021/22 school year is closing soon. Registration for the full Jewish education program closes on August 12th / 4 Elul and registration for the Hebrew School program closes on August 20th / 12 Elul.


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