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Jewish Online School Students Celebrate Chumash Party

From California to Morocco, the students of the Nigri Jewish Online School recently celebrated a beautiful Chumash Party, joining live with family and friends for this momentous occasion.

The Level 2 students of the Nigri Jewish Online School (sister school to the Nigri Shluchim Online School) had been preparing for months for this milestone, through learning and practicing their Hebrew skills every day. In preparation for the celebration, each student received their very own personalized package complete with a backdrop, crown, treat and Chumush.

“The Chumash party was so special,” shared parent Shaya Danenberg. “The package we received in the mail was organized with all the supplies to decorate the party and a beautiful Chumash! We really appreciated how the Morah took a few minutes for each family to speak about how precious it is to study Torah. The school went above and beyond to make this memorable for our family, we are so grateful!”

The program began with the students performing a song about the Torah being more precious than gold and silver. Then each parent presented the Chumash to their child, wishing them continued success in their learning. After family members and friends of the students each had a chance to wish them Mazal Tov, the celebration concluded with the class using the skills they have learnt to translate and learn the very first Pasuk in Vayikra.

“It’s so beautiful to see that although the school isn’t brick and mortar, the students still have the opportunity to celebrate big milestones with their classmates and families,” said school principal Mrs. Chanie Hertzel. “During the entire celebration, you could feel the passion, love and excitement towards Torah as the students received their own Chumash!”

The Nigri Jewish Online School caters to families worldwide who don't have access to Jewish education or prefer online learning, also offering Hebrew School and Bar Mitzvah classes.

Visit for more information and email with any questions.


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