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Join The Young Shluchim Lag Baomer Parade

The Shluchim Office invites all Tzeirei Hashluchim to join the 10th annual Lag Baomer parade by creating a float, saying a Possuk and tuning in live for an amazing, virtual event.

This year’s live Lag Baomer parade will feature an interactive program, including fun games, amazing activities and presentations from Young Shluchim around the world.

Get your children involved to say a possuk, create a float, or demonstrate their unique talents by signing up at

Tune in live to the virtual Lag Baomer parade on Friday, 18 Iyar / April 30th, at 1:00 PM EST at

Brought to you by Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim (CYH), a project of the Shluchim Office.

A debt of eternal gratitude is owed to Rabbi Mendel Shemtov, ע"ה who, with vision and generosity, pioneered the Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim project and facilitated its growth to ever greater heights. May the merit of these programs serve as a perpetual source of nachas ruach to his neshomo on high.


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