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Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim Releases Video Presentation Uncovering Significance of Rebbe's Ohel

In honor of Hei Teves, the Tzeirei Hashluchim division of the Shluchim Office releases a video presentation to help children prepare for the Ohel and understand it’s significance in a way they can connect to.

The video features information, inspiration, as well as practical instructions to help children understand and relate to their visit to the Ohel in a more meaningful way.

Originally debuted over the Kinus weekend and shown to the Tzeirei Hashluchim, it is now being released to the public for Hei Teves.

A day after the victory on Vov Teves 5747, the Rebbe said in a Sicha that the day is an Eis Ratzon to write in to the Rebbe for Brachos. Letters were sent from all over the world for the Rebbe to take into the Ohel. From then and until today, Hei Teves is an auspicious time to write to the Rebbe and visit the Ohel.

“Going to the Rebbe by visiting the Ohel is a central part of a Chossid's life, yet sometimes we take for granted a child's innate knowledge and appreciation for it on the level we hope for,” shared Rabbi Berel Bendet, director of the Tzeirei Hashluchim Division. “We hope this video can help parents and educators in imparting this foundation of Hiskashrus in an uplifting and practical way.”

The beautiful presentation was created by executive producer Schneur Deren, directed by Bentzion Schtroks and Mendel Banon, written by Mendel Zaklikovsky, Meir Deren, and Levi Shemtov, filmed and edited by Berel Groner and features Tzvi Reiter, Rabbi Levi Gurkov and the children of Cheder at the Ohel. A special thank you goes to Cheder at the Ohel, Rabbi Sholom Baras, Levi Kaplan and Home at the Ohel.

The videos of the Rebbe were provided by JEM and The My Encounter With The Rebbe Project.


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