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Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos Announces Head Staff, Releases New Song

As Young Shluchos around the world countdown until the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos taking place next week, the Shluchim Office announces the head staff leading the program and releases this year’s theme song.

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos is an annual highlight for Young Shluchos, a three day weekend where they get to connect, recharge and enjoy a packed, Chassidishe program. This year the program has expanded to offer both in person and virtual options, enabling every Young Shlucha to experience the fun, Chayus and inspiration no matter the circumstance.

“With two full tracks, the head staff have been busy creating a unique and unforgettable Kinus weekend,” shared director Mrs. Mushka Minsky. “This year’s group of dedicated and talented staff have taken the program to the next level in all aspects to give every Young Shlucha the best experience possible.”

Younger Division

Director on Site: Shani Werner (Crown Heights)

Head Kloli: Mushka Rivkin (Northridge, CA)

Head Counselors:

Chana Piekarski (Bogota, Columbia)

Sara Hodakov (Clearwater, FL)

Shaina Piekarski (Morristown, NJ)

Middle Division

Director on Site: Nechama Block (Plano, TX)

Head Kloli: Nechama Simpson (Crown Heights)

Head Counselors:

Menucha Oster (Crown Heights)

Nechama Weiss (Miami Lakes, FL)

Chaya Sara Marasow (Crown Heights)

Pioneer Division

Director on Site: Hindy Geisinsky (Five Towns, NY)

Head Kloli: Devorah Leah Chayempour (Toronto, Canada)

Head Counselors:

Chana Paltiel (Port Washington, NY)

Moussia Goldman (Philadelphia, PA)

Shani Azimov (South Brunswick, NJ)

The incredible group of staff is led by director Mrs. Mushka Minsky with virtual program director Mushka Goldman. The team of staff arranging the virtual program includes Bryna Kosofsky, Chana Potash, Devorah Leah Smith, Estee Popack, Mushka Chakoff, Mushkie Pink, Mushky Cohen, Chana Kosofsky, Doba Brikman and Sorole Golomb.

The team organizing the 770 rally is led by Chayale Wilhelm, Libby Gopin and Nechama Greisman and the group coordinating the grand banquet is led by Moussia Blesofsky, Rochel Rosenblum and Zelda Minsky.

The Young Shluchos have been eagerly awaiting this year’s Kinus song which was just released, an upbeat track which brings out the theme of Kinus. Click here to listen, please bear in mind that the track is Kol Isha.

The Young Shluchos

TTTO: Noda B’Yehuda


Growing up on Shlichus

There’s so much to do,

Mivtzoim and programs

I look forward to

I look at my parents

Sharing in their pride,

I offer to help them

Always at their side

But I understand

I’m not second in command

I am a Shlucha! The Rebbe trusts in me

Every step I take

Each moment I’m awake

Is An Achrayus I carry nobly


It's up to us - Al Yidei Bonim

Driven by his vision

The Kochos I am given

To inspire each and every Jew

It's up to us - Tzeirei Hashluchos (The youngest Shluchos)

We the Rebbe's soldiers

Carry on our shoulders

The power to bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Yes! I understand…

Registration for both tracks will be closing soon, parents can use the last opportunity to register at

Registration for the virtual program with USA shipping for the Kinus box will be closing on Tuesday, 9 Shevat / January 11 and for the in person program on Thursday, 11 Shevat / January 13.

Registration for the virtual program with Crown Heights pickup for the Kinus box will close on Sunday, 14 Shevat / January 16.

Contact to reach out to the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos.


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