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Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos Concludes With Grand Banquet

Young Shluchos joining both the in person and virtual track of the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos of the Shluchim Office joined together for the grand banquet, concluding three incredible days of inspiration, fun and Chassidishkeit.

The celebration is a much anticipated highlight for the campers, counselors and staff in both tracks. During the entire program, the energy of thousands of Shluchos joining together was palpable throughout the night.

“What a beautiful Kinus, my daughter has shared so much already and has so much more to tell me,” shared Mrs. Goldy Grossbaum, Shlucha to Thornhill, Ontario. “The staff were attentive, kind and she felt they truly cared about her, I can see she is beaming with pride in being a Shlucha! Thank you so much, she truly had an amazing experience!”

The program was MC’d by Mushka Teitelbaum from Bronx, NY and began with a beautiful video of the Rebbe. After reciting the Rebbe's and Rebbetzin’s Kapital, the girls were treated to a special presentation by Tambourines Academy which featured their favorite Kinus songs and a riveting story told by master storyteller Yitzy Erps. Guest singers Mushka Bluming, Chayale Groner and Shternie Levin took the stage, singing Kinus hits and Niggunim joined together by all the Young Shluchos.

The girls watched a special presentation filmed and edited by Tzvi Eber which was created just for the banquet showcasing the amazing impact a Young Shlucha can have. After reciting the 12 Pesukim, an exciting roll call was done by head counselor Chana Paltiel from Port Washington, NY before a raffle drawing for awesome prizes.

“To see the Young Shluchos in all divisions from around the world gathered together was truly powerful,” shared director Mrs. Mushka Minsky. “The Chayus felt in the room is sure to be carried by the girls back home to their Shlichus!”

Special thanks to the head staff of the Kinus who worked tirelessly to coordinate every aspect of the program.

Directors on Site: Shani Werner, Nechama Block and Hindy Geisinsky

Head Klolis: Mushka Rivkin, Nechama Simpson and Devorah Leah Chayempour

Head Counselors: Chana Piekarski, Sara Hodakov, Shaina Piekarski, Menucha Oster, Nechama Weiss, Chaya Sara Marasow, Chana Paltiel, Moussia Goldman and Shani Azimov

Assistant Head Staff: Chana Wolwovsky, Chaya Baila Austin, Gneshe Schapiro, Mussy Nemanov, Sharona Kuperman, Moussia Stone, Chavi Bromberg, Chaya Litzman Chayale Greenbaum, Blimie Richter, Breindel Piekarski, Mushka Teitelbaum, Batya Azoulay, Chavi Swued, Miriam Maryasha Liberow and Chanie Schmerling

Virtual Kinus: Directed by Mushka Goldman with Bryna Kosofsky, Chana Potash, Devorah Leah Smith, Estee Popack, Mushka Chakoff, Mushkie Pink, Mushky Cohen, Chana Kosofsky, Doba Brikman and Sorole Golomb

Banquet Team: Moussia Blesofsky, Rochel Rosenblum and Zelda Minsky

770 Rally: Chayale Wilhelm, Libby Gopin and Nechama Greisman

Thursday Program: Mussie Shemtov, Daniella Traurig, Chana Fishbein and Rikel Shemtov

Hebrew Division: Mushka Hecht and Debby Halperin

French Division: Shirel Ayache

A replay of the banquet is available at

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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