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Medical Advice for Shluchim About Reopening Chabad Houses

The Shluchim Office held a Coronavirus panel for Shluchim and Shluchos with infectious-disease specialists, answering their questions and concerns about reopening Chabad Houses, Preschools and Shuls.

Now that many US states and countries abroad are beginning to lift restrictions, Shluchim are all asking the same questions.

Infectious-disease specialists provided a comprehensive overview of current scientific findings on COVID-19, how to prevent its spread in a community setting, and offered general guidelines to consider when making reopening decisions.

Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, Shliach to Alaska, opened the panel and introduced the presenters, Dr. Morey Gardner, MD, infectious disease specialist in Richmond Heights, MO, and Dr. Tessa Gardner, MD, pediatric infectious disease specialist in Saint Louis, MO.

The Shluchim submitted questions to the doctors during the live session, and Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, Shliach to Texas, moderated the discussion.

A sample of the questions addressed by the panel included:

  • The government has given the green-light for us to open services. Is it safe to open?

  • How do we protect the health and safety of our staff - especially those who are older?

  • Is it safe to make and send Shabbos packages to people in our community? 

  • We have a lot of seniors coming for services. Should we tell them to stay home?

  • Why is the government telling us we can’t sing in Shul?

  • Can we hold parking-lot minyanim?

This coming Sunday at 8:30 PM Eastern Time, The Shluchim Office will b’ezras Hashem offer a second seminar on Halacha’s point of view on reopening in the midst of a pandemic recovery, presented by Rabbi Yehoram Ulman, Senior Dayan, Sydney Beth Din.

View the panel below.


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