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Mishloach Manos For Shluchim's Kids Initiative

The Shluchim Office launches Mishloach Manos Mania, a worldwide initiative to match up Young Shluchim and Shluchos to receive and send Mishloach Manos to.

After many successful years of this beautiful program, the Shluchim Office announces this year’s Mishloach Manos Mania.This special project connects and partners up Young Shluchim/Shluchos from Australia to Brazil with their peers to send a Mishloach Manos package and to receive one in return.

Even though we live in the city, our Makom Hashlichus is not near the main communities and my kids always end up being left out when everyone goes around making Mishloach Manos deliveries on Purim,” shared Mrs. Elisa Gurevitch, Shlucha to Los Angeles, California. “They are so, so happy to get their package from Mishloach Manos Mania, it helps them to feel special and grateful for being Shluchim!”

After filling out the form here with the child's information, parents will receive their child's partner's name and address to send a package to in an area nearby, and await to receive one from a fellow Young Shliach/Shlucha.

The deadline for Shluchim out of USA is Monday, February 15 / Gimmel Adar and in the USA is Wednesday, February 17 / Hey Adar.

Visit for more information and email with any questions.

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