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Moisad Leaders Inspired and Motivated After Masterclass

The second annual Leadership Masterclass ended off on a high, with Moisad leaders walking away with practical tools all relevant to leadership.

“I came out of the Leadership Masterclass really inspired and motivated,” writes longtime early childhood educator Mrs. Yael Brummel. “Each speaker really focused on how to make important topics practical, giving over invaluable knowledge and skills that can be implemented immediately.”

After the Leadership Masterclass, grateful Shluchim and Mechanchim have been sharing their thanks and appreciation for truly gaining from each of the five speakers that shared their insight on important topics relevant to leadership.

“The three hours absolutely flew by”, continued Brummel. “Learning from Rabbi Dov Greenberg that as educators we always need to remember to do things with a heart, from Linda Lovitch to start public speaking with a wow like a story and from Berel Solomon to not be ashamed to ask for donations, and often if you dare ask for more, you’ll get it!”

“Every session during the Masterclass was so informative and helpful from learning about positive thinking to public speaking,” shared Mrs. Maryashi Deren, Shlucha to Greenwich, Connecticut. “I already started using what I’ve learnt in my camp, I deeply appreciate it.”

Chabad Early Childhood, who hosted the event, shares highlights below of Berel Solomon’s session titled “CEO of Wealthy Executive Coaching Firm”. Email with any questions.

The Leadership Masterclass was hosted by Chabad Early Childhood, a project of the Shluchim Office.


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