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Nigri Jewish Online School Students Celebrate Graduation With Virtual Event

Eighth grade students of the Nigri Jewish Online School of the Shluchim Office recently celebrated their graduation virtually with staff, family and friends joining from around the world.

Graduation is a special time for students, staff and families to get together to celebrate an important milestone. Although students in the Nigri Jewish Online School didn’t get to celebrate in person, their unique graduation with families joining from around the world was an event to remember.

From David gathering with her family in Denmark to Julie tuning in live with her grandmother in Nebraska, having all the students and their families in one virtual space to celebrate both the boys and girls separate graduations was truly something special.

“Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful graduation ceremony,” wrote parent Mrs. Bat-Sheva M. “It was awe-inspiring! We are so grateful to have Esther in the program, she has benefited enormously!”

The program began with inspirational words from principal Mrs. Chanie Hertzel and Shluchim Office director Mrs. Bassie Shemtov and continued with a couple of the student’s teachers from this year and previous year’s sharing heartfelt messages. After hearing a Dvar Torah from one of their classmates, each student was awarded their diploma by their families who joined live and gave beautiful Brachos.

“We are so grateful for Natan’s 8 years in the Nigri Jewish Online School,” shared parent Mrs. Jessica Rine. “It has truly been an honor and pleasure to have him in such a special school and we are so excited for his journey ahead!”

The Nigri Jewish Online School, sister school to the Nigri Shluchim Online School has announced they will be opening a new high school program for the coming 5782 - 5783 school year.

Visit for more information and email with any questions.

The Shluchim Office has announced the “Our Families, Our Shlichus,” campaign which will be launched this coming Sunday, 27th of Sivan (June 26, 2022) with a goal to raise $450,000 in 36 hours to continue programs like these.

You can click here to donate NOW and join us together for Shluchim!


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