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Nigri Jewish Online School Students Celebrate Siddur Party

First grade students of the Nigri Jewish Online School, sister school to Nigri Shluchim Online School celebrated three Siddur parties in three different classes! The Nigri Jewish Online Schoo caters to families worldwide who don't have access to Jewish education or prefer online learning.

The celebration is a culmination of a year’s hard work of students learning Nekuda by Nekudah until being able to now fully read. Before the program, each student received a special package in the mail complete with a crown, a treat, backdrop and a Siddur for the party.

Family and friends gathered together online from around the world for this momentous occasion. Some dedicated grandparents joined at almost midnight and one of the student’s uncles logged in live after arriving home from the IDF and joining in uniform.

At the start of the celebration, Mrs. Chani Hertzel, principal of Nigri Jewish Online School, welcomed all the guests. A guest storyteller came to share the importance of Tefillah before Rabbi Tennenbaum shared a beautiful lesson about how each person's Tefillos are so precious to Hashem.

“​​Teaching is a labor of love, a real passion of mine, and doing so online is even more special,” said Morah Bracha Dahan. “Watching them get their Siddurim and seeing their growth and development, just made me smile very big. I'm so thankful to do what I love and teach these incredible children.”

The program ended with the children excitedly receiving their Siddurim from their parents with well wishes and Brachos from family and friends who participated live.

“It was beautiful to see how proud the parents were as they watched their children fluently read lines that had never been practiced before,” shared Morah Chaya Raskin. “They watched how their children who just started from Aleph Beis at the beginning of the year really came so far!”

Visit for more information and email with any questions.

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