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Online School Wraps Up First Chassidishe Chinuch Session

The Nigri International Online School, a project of the Shluchim Office recently wrapped up their first successful Cheder session, a six week course for Shluchim who want to supplement their children’s Chinuch with Chassidishe content on Chassidishe concepts and Yomim Tovim.

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful and chassidishe atmosphere you created for the girls,” shared Mrs. Miri Gourarie, Shlucha to Penn State University. “Mushka really really enjoyed and couldn't wait to join every week! You made each girl feel so special, thank you!”

Young Shluchim from around the world who recently completed their six week Cheder session are leaving the course inspired, uplifted and full of knowledge and tools in all things Chassidus. The Cheder session curriculum focuses on Chassidishe concepts and Yomim Tovim, giving every child that joins the opportunity to connect and learn with important topics.

“It was so special for me to get to know these Shluchos and see them connecting with each other and absorbing the learning,” wrote Morah Mushka Blau, who taught the youngest girls age group. “I enjoyed giving over Chassidishkeit and Chassidus in this wonderful course!”

In Morah Mushka's weekly groups, the students learnt the weekly Simcha from her "Chassidus for Kids" curriculum which was brought down to their level with a special worksheets and activities.

In Morah Bassie's class, the students enjoyed a weekly show and tell, where they had a theme to follow and brought a toy or item from their house to the computer to share with their classmates. The students looked forward to the weekly activity related to the upcoming Yomim Tovim, such as a Chuppah craft for Yud Daled Kislev, a Yud Tes Kislev Puppet Show and a Hei Teves scavenger hunt.

In Morah Hindy's group, the girls learned a Sicha each week related to the Parsha, and loved their end of class wrap up where they had fun at activities like Lichsheyafutzu Mainosecha Chutzah Zumba video and Sicha Summary Calligrams.

"There is something unique about joining with young Shluchos for an extra Chassidishe class that is not regular school and it's not solely for fun,” shared Morah Hindy Levy. “These young girls are inspiring as they take time out of their regular day to learn together and grow together just because they are Chassidim!”

For more information visit, email with any questions.

The Nigri International Online School is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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