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Shluchim Join Fundraising Emporium

Over 150 Shluchim joined in a 8 session fundraising seminar given by Rabbi Yisroel Brod, organized by the Shluchim Office. Each 2 hour session discussed important topics covering “creating a budget” to “time management”, with a Q&A discussion at the end of each session. 

“I'm just beginning to take steps into this arena and you've provided a system that I'm really excited to implement,” wrote Rabbi Gavriel Isenberg, Shliach at Vanderbilt University after completing the seminar. “I found the presentation to be straightforward, practical, and clear. I have gained clarity on how to make professional presentations to potential donors, have a responsible approach to developing relationships with them, have clear priorities for myself and effectively manage my time. Thank you so much for offering this course and particularly for the affordable price you set. It was life-changing for me.”

Rabbi Yisroel Brod, world renowned fundraising consultant and coach, has many year’s in experience assisting Shluchim in fundraising and time management of their Mosdos. Every year, the Shluchim Office hosts a seminar given by Rabbi Brod during the Kinus weekend. Last summer, Rabbi Brod traveled to 4 major cities across the country,  giving seminars to the Shluchim on the "Capital Campaign" and "Obtaining the Major Gift". Due to coronavirus, the idea arose to utilize zoom technology to create a summer tour and benefit more Shluchim than in the past by going virtual.

“I just finished watching the last session last night, which - as the rest of the sessions - was very well presented,” wrote a Shliach, name withheld upon request.  “It got me thinking a lot, and IY"H I hope it'll be a big help in the way I do things - for the future bez"H. As a new Shliach - having just moved here a few months ago, the ideas and practical solutions presented, helped bring much more clarity to this "scary" thought of having to fundraise, and not knowing how to do it effectively etc. But most importantly, it sort of shifted my mindset to taking a more proactive approach, as well as giving me practical tools of how to implement it. Not to mention the amazing seder of the way things were presented. Yasher koach godol!”

The Shluchim Office is now offering Shluchim to view all 8 sessions online and receive all Power Point presentations for only $99, a value of $600, for a limited time only at

As The Shluchim Office just announced their "Committed and Connected” campaign which will begin on Monday morning at 11:00am, we are calling on the public to partner in serving and assisting the family of Shluchim around the world.

Donate NOW at and it will be posted when the campaign goes live.

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