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Picture of the Day: Girls Winter Camp Group Photo

Over 150 Young Shluchos pose for a group photo during their amazing, 10 day program at Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp. The camp, which concluded last week, is a treasured experience for Young Shluchos around the world to connect with friends and gain inspiration in sunny Florida.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My daughter came home beyond thrilled, she already has a night activity arranged and cocoa club planned for the mornings," shared Mrs. Moussia Goldstein, Shlucha to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."She loves singing the theme song for us and misses her friends and the staff! We are so grateful for all the effort put into making camp a reality this year." Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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