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Pictures: First Day of Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp

The first twenty-four hours on camp’s grounds were packed with excitement for the campers arriving from all across the globe.

It began with a grand camp Chanukah Celebration. The campers created their own dreidels and decorated doughnuts with an array of yummy toppings. They played an epic Ice-Cream-Get-To-Know-You game which left everyone laughing and bonding.

The highlight was the lighting of the Menorah, as all the campers - both old and new friends - stood together, arms around each other, swaying to the beautiful, stirring singing of Haneiros Halalu, followed by the most amazing dance party!

The fun continues as the girls enjoy adventure on our in-house zip-line and ropes course.

Get a glimpse of the fun by seeing the photo album here.


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