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Shluchim Office Announces Graphic Design Workshop

As the Shluchim Office is in midst of their campaign, they announce a much requested, free workshop on Canva design with graphic designer and Shlucha Mrs. Rivky Gurevitch, on Monday, 12 Tammuz / July 11 from 1 - 2PM EST.

Titled "Everything you wanted to do on Canva but didn’t know how", join Mrs. Rivky Gurevitch for a full session on all things Canva. Mrs. Rivky Gurevitch is the graphic designer behind the highly acclaimed free holiday flyers for Shluchim and a Shlucha in Eugene, OR.

Shluchim can sign up at The workshop link will be available once the form is completed.

For more information, visit and email with any questions.

The Shluchim Office is in the middle of their annual campaign to raise $450,000 to support and service Shluchim all around the world.

Partner with the Shluchim Office today to be a part of their integral work in helping Shluchim with programs, resources, products and services.


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