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Shluchim Office Announces Increases in Loans for Shluchim

The Shluchim Office Gemach with chairman Mr. Shmuel Gniwisch is pleased to announce an increase in loans for Shluchim. The Shluchim Gemach is a longtime financial resource that has helped hundreds of Shluchim with weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and buying cars with interest free loans.

Now, Shluchim can take out even larger loans for their Simchas, while still requiring no guarantor. And any Shliach that needs to buy a car can access this service, not only new Shluchim.

“The Shluchim Gemach was so helpful and relieved so much stress when preparing the weddings of three of our children,” shared Shlucha Mrs. Chana G. “We are so grateful to have this service specifically for Shluchim, thank you so much!”

Shluchim can request larger interest-free loans: $8,000 for weddings, $5,000 for Bar Mitzvahs and up to $6,000 for a new car.

“I remember in our early days of shlichus when I needed to buy a car but didn’t have the funds,” wrote Shliach Rabbi Yaakov Y. “There was a limit on how much I could put on a credit card without racking up debt and exorbitant interest fees in addition to car payments. Thankfully I learned about the Shluchim Gemach and was able to get an interest free loan. The Shluchim Office was there to help when we needed it most.”

Shluchim can request a loan below and can email with any questions.

Hundreds of Shluchim benefit from the Shluchim Gemach, if you would like to partner with this important cause, donate now at

The Shluchim Gemach was initiated in 2006 by Rabbi Mendel Shemtov A”H and Reb Yitzchok and Julie Gniwisch.


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