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Shluchim Office Announces New Crown Heights Accommodations for Shluchim

Alongside many hospitality options, the Shluchim Office announces a new partnership with Tzach of Eretz Yisroel to bring more accommodation choices for Shluchim.

The current Shluchim Suites is a luxurious hotel for Shluchim and Shluchos in central Crown Heights, offering three beautiful private rooms and a common living area. This popular accommodation has been a great benefit and Crown Heights go-to for so many Shluchim.

The new option on Empire Blvd hosts three luxury apartments, which can be reserved individually or together for Shluchim bringing a group or large family to visit. Each apartment has its own kitchen and living area. This location can provide sleeping accommodation for up to ten people at a time, and the largest suite can host up to 17 people for meals.

“Thank you so much for hosting us in the Shluchim Suites, it is so comfortable and homey,” wrote Rabbi Mendy Weiss, Shliach to Miami Lakes, FL. “We feel proud that a Shliach can always have a home away from home!”

For more details and to make your reservation, visit and reach out to or 718-221-0500.

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