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Shluchim Office Launches “A Piece of Home” Initiative

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim of the Shluchim Office launches a brand new “A Piece of Home” initiative for parents to send a care package to their daughter in Crown Heights at any time.

This unique program for high school girls of Shluchim gives Shluchim living all around the world the ability to send a care package of chicken soup and assorted goods to their daughters anytime they're feeling under the weather.

“My daughter was so excited to get the package,” said Mrs. Chana Mangel, Shlucha to Cincinnati, Ohio. “This is such an incredible project!! I love how you turned a challenge into something so positive!”

Parents can fill out a form at and will be notified once their daughter has gotten their package. Not only will they be receiving a package, but it will be hand delivered from one of our caring staff.

“We are so excited to launch this much needed program for Shluchos in Crown Heights,” said program coordinator Rochel Goldman. “We’ve already received an outpour of incredible feedback and have begun servicing grateful parents and daughters.”

Email with any questions.


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