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Shluchim Office Releases New Free Flyer Designs for Shluchim

The Shluchim Office releases new flyer designs for Shluchim to easily customize to promote community events for Lag Baomer and Shavuos, free of charge.

The flyers are a very popular project Shluchim rely on and greatly look forward to, enjoying access to professional designs for all their Yomim Tovim events in such an easy and convenient way.

“Thank you for the flyers, it is a beautiful service to Shluchim!” said Rabbi Yehuda Heber, Shliach to Yorktown Heights, NY. “Instead of every Shliach paying to make a flyer from scratch, this is a great way to service them! Thank you!”

The Shluchim Office have just released the new designs for Lag Baomer and Shavuos. Each are available in multiple formats for printing, email, or the various social media outlets, and can be easily customized with Canva. In addition, Shluchim can access all the designs from previous years as well.

The Shluchim Office invites Shluchim to take advantage of the free flyers at


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