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Shluchim Office Thanks Friends and Supporters

The Shluchim Office campaign committee expresses gratitude to friends and supporters for the outpouring generosity and support during the annual fundraising campaign.

Dear Friends,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The achdus shown by the family of Chassidim around the world, ensures every Shliach knows that we are one family, and always there for each other.

From something as simple as a professional flyer to the most fundamental issue for every parent, ensuring appropriate chassidishe chinuch, your partnership today ensures that every Shliach has what they need for their families and their Shlichus.

Your generosity makes the Shluchim Office a reality. This is not only vital for the success of The Shluchim Office's ongoing projects but is a source of inspiration and encouragement to us all.

It was heartwarming to see such a great display of Achdus HaChassidim! During the 36 hours of the campaign, there was an amazing outpouring of support from Shluchim and Anash worldwide. So many individuals gave generously and local Crown Heights Anash, businesses, and mosdos went above and beyond to help make this campaign a success. We are humbled and gratified by your generosity.

The Shluchim Office still needs your support, and if you haven’t yet contributed, it isn’t too late! We encourage you to join us and make a contribution at

The Rebbe gave a powerful bracha to those who followed his call to establish the Shluchim Office during the farbrengen held at the Kinus Hashluchim in 5747. In the merit of supporting this moisad, may we all see the fruit of these brachos:

“Fulfilling the above will, firstly, grant success in the fulfillment of the shlichus, a much greater degree of success than envisioned. Moreover, this will also result in success with regard to one’s personal affairs as well, i.e., with regard to children, health and sustenance—that they all be in an abundant manner: healthy children and grandchildren, making good Shidduchim for one’s children, and being blessed with all brochos.”

"...און דורך דעם וואס מ'וועט טאן בזה באופן האמור – וועט מען צום אלעם ערשטן מצליח זיין אין קיום השליחות, און מיט הצלחה למעלה מן המשוער: און דערצו וועט מען אויך האבן הצלחה אין די אייגענע ענינים – בבני חיי ומזוני רויחי ובכולם רויחי – געזונטע קינדער, און געזונטע אייניקלעך, און מאכן גוטע שידוכים, און זיין געבענטשט מיט אלע ברכות..."

(משיחת שבת כינוס השלוחים ה'תשמ"ז – ע"ד התייסדות משרד השלוחים)

We have no doubt that this great display of Achdus and Ahavas Chassidim is the ultimate hachana for Gimmel Tammuz. In the Rebbe’s words regarding Yud Shvat, may this upcoming Gimmel Tammuz no longer be a yartzeit but instead a Hilulah with the Rebbe himself, as we all reunite with our Rebbe with the coming of Moshiach Now!

Thank you,

Rabbi Gedalya and Bassie Shemtov Rabbi Mendy Shemtov

The Shluchim Office

Shluchim Office Crowdfunding Committee

Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff - Houston, TX

Rabbi Sholom B. Levitin - Seattle, WA

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar - Surfside, FL

Rabbi Sholom Duchman - Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yosef Schildkraut - S. Paulo, Brazil

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf - Skokie, IL

Rabbi Yosef Gopin - Hartford, CT

Rabbi Yossi Groner - Charlotte, NC

Rabbi Yossi Shemtov - Tucson, AZ

Rabbi Moishe Traxler - Houston, TX

Rabbi Mendy Herson - Basking Ridge, NJ

Rabbi Mayer Parshan - Thornhill, Canada

Rabbi Yoseph Shemtov - Toledo, OH

Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon - Hong Kong, China

Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila - Kinshasa, Congo

Rabbi Yosef Posner - Skokie, IL

Rabbi Mordechai Abergel - Singapore

Rabbi Mendel Duchman - Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Yossi Kessler - Montreal, Canada

Rabbi Benjy Korf - Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Yosef Michelashvili - Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Levi Shemtov - Riverdale, NY

Rabbi Hershel Spalter - Escazu, Costa Rica

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Bruk - Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yosef Greenberg - Anchorage, AK

Rabbi Yossi Deren - Greenwich, CT

Rabbi Yisroel Spalter - Weston, FL

Rabbi Pinchus Vishedsky - Donetsk (Kiev), Ukraine

Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel - Nashville, TN

Rabbi Shmuel Gniwisch - Montreal, Canada

Rabbi Yehuda Shemtov - Newtown, PA

Rabbi Zushe Greenberg - Solon, OH

Rabbi Dovid Masinter - Johannesburg, South Africa

Rabbi Levi Shemtov - West Bloomfield, MI

Rabbi Ovadia Goldman - Oklahoma City, OK

Rabbi Shmaya Shmotkin - Oak Park, MI

Rabbi Berel Levertov - Santa Fe, NM

Rabbi Schneor Greenberg - Commerce, MI

Rabbi Levi Azimov - Paris, France

Rabbi Berl Goldman - Gainesville, FL

Rabbi Moshe Pinson - Brookllyn, NY

Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg - Vancouver, WA

Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel - Champaign, IL

Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff - Houston, TX

Rabbi Dovid Goldberg - S. Paulo, Brazil

Rabbi Shmuly Rothman - Boynton Beach, FL

Rabbi Asher Federman - S. Thomas, VI

Rabbi Berri Spitezki - Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Avraham Greenberg - Pudong, China

Rabbi Chmouel Lubecki - Rouen, France

Rabbi Shmuel Levitin - Seattle, WA

Rabbi Dovi Henig - Chengdu, China


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