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Shluchim Thank Avraham Green, Celebrate 18 Years of Service

In celebration of 18 years of servicing Shluchim, Shluchim around the world thank Rabbi Avraham Green, director of the Shlichus Market, a department of the Shluchim Office for his tireless and non-stop dedication.

“Avraham has always been there for us whenever we needed and has gone out of his way to help me many times,” shared Rabbi Mendy Begun, Shliach to Chula Vista, California. “He remembered me by name after only one meeting and has treated me like a friend since. I am really blown away by the personal connection he has with each Shliach, even though he deals with hundreds, if not thousands of Shluchim on a regular basis. He takes being a mentch to a new level!”

“During Baruch Hashem 33 years of Shlichus, I have never met anybody who goes so out of their way to help as does Avraham Green, totally above and beyond.” said Mrs. Pearl Krasnanski, Shlucha to Honolulu, Hawaii. “Trying to order things from 5,000 miles away always presents complications of who’s going to pick what, when and where. Avraham has, without even being asked, delivered my orders either to my in-laws home or my parents home, at any hour of day or night.”

“We feel like Avraham is a partner with us in our Shlichus, creating beautiful products and gifts we use for our community,” wrote Mrs. Tzippy Slavin, Shlucha to S Clemente, California. “Especially this year the products from the store made us able to bring Yiddishkeit into people’s homes. Nothing is ever an issue and he answers us at any time of day, we are so, so grateful!”

Rabbi Levi Hodakov, Shliach to Clearwater, Florida summed it up best, “An article would not be sufficient for Avraham, we need to write a whole book on him. Avraham Green is the greatest thing that’s happened to the Shluchim Office in the last eighteen years!”

Help propel the Shlichus Market directed by Rabbi Avraham Green and give generously to The Shluchim Office’s fundraiser taking place now.

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