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Students Get School to Continue During Summer

Did you ever hear of students that actually wanted to continue learning in the summer?

As the Nigri Jewish Online School’s classes ended in June, the students begged for school to continue in the summer, wanting more time to learn with their teachers and friends. So classes were opened for eager students who relished every moment of their summer course, learning about the Parsha and Hebrew language.

“I loved Ivrit, Chumash and just about everything we learnt this summer,” shared 4th grade student Sarah Levine. “Getting to log in to see my teachers and friends even during the summer was the best!”

A new student, Chaim who had joined for the summer, loved the course and wanted to get to know his classmates better so arranged for Zoom playdates after class. His teacher sent the Zoom link to his classmates and it turned into a huge success. The kids love getting together weekly and really bonding even virtually that they have arranged to continue until school starts.

“We went in depth into part of the Parsha each week, pulling out one lesson to take home which the students loved, always asking fantastic questions,” shared teacher, Morah Noa-Miriam Truxton. “We also learned weekly Ivrit vocabulary words that built on the previous weeks. It was amazing to see such happy faces sign in every week excited to learn.”

Registration for the Nigri Jewish Online School 2021/22 school year is closing soon. Registration for the full Jewish education program closes on August 10th / 2 Elul and registration for the Hebrew School program closes on August 20th / 12 Elul.

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The Nigri Jewish Online School is a project of the Shluchim Office.

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