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Students of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School Celebrate at Annual Reunion

Classmates of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School met in Crown Heights for annual reunion and day of celebration.

200 students, parents and teachers from 118 cities from around the world converged on Crown Heights at the Oholei Torah Ballroom for the annual Day of Celebration of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School 5780.

The virtual school, under the leadership and direction of Morah Devora Leah Notik and Rabbi Yaacov Ringo, provides a robust Chassidishe education for the sons and daughters of Chabad Shluchim throughout the world.

The joyous celebration serves as a once-a-year opportunity for the students of the virtual school to meet each other face to face, interact and socialize in person. The event has become the highlight of the school calendar, as students celebrate friendships, learning, and their unique school.

“I loved just being there, finally getting to see all my classmates!” said Levi Laufer, a grade 7 student who lives on shlichus in Barrington, Rhode Island. “The program and the trip was so much fun!”

Rabbi Yishai Eliefja, a second grade Rebbi who led this year’s program, said, “There was so much excitement and energy! You could see it on the happy faces and feel it in the air. The moment two classmates see each other in person, whether it's for the first time or since last year, or the moment a student spots their teacher and runs over to give each other a huge hug, it’s just incredible.”

The celebration started with a roll call led by the 8th grade boys, which erupted into emotional dancing with a surprise performance by singer Eli Marcus and music by Fitche Benshimon. Atop the shoulders of their Rabbeim, and surrounded by their dear classmates, the boys sang, danced and celebrated.

Rabbi Yaacov Ringo, principal of the Boys’ Division, addressed the assembled parents, children and staff. A Dvar Torah was said by a group of representatives from the fifth grade boys. Rabbi Zalman Chein, Shliach in Vestal, New York spoke on behalf of the parents, thanking the teachers and staff for the Chinuch that their children receive. The students participated in an interactive game show hosted by special guest, Rabbi Shmuly Ceitlin, guessing exciting facts about Online School classes and Rebbeim. 

Each teacher was presented with a personal gift along with special letters of appreciation written by the parents of their students. The program concluded with the boys collecting the prizes they earned throughout the year, and a trip to the trampoline park wrapped up a phenomenal day of unity and fun.

The boys went home inspired for another year of learning in their places of Shlichus.

Special thanks to Eli Marcus for joining us once again for this occasion!

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School is a division of the Shluchim Office under Rabbi Gedalya & Bassie Shemtov.


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