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Surprise Birthday Party in honor of Rabbi Yossi Michelashvili

A surprise birthday celebration was held Wednesday night to mark the 50th birthday of Rabbi Yossi Michelashvili, a devoted Chossid of the Rebbe, successful businessman and generous baal tzedoko, and together with his wife Yael is chairing the upcoming Shluchim Office Crowdfunding Campaign that will take place on Monday.

Friends and family came to wish him Mazal Tov. Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar from Miami, Rabbi Yosef Gopin from West Hartford, Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon from Hong Kong, Rabbi Hershel Spalter from Costa Rica, Rabbi Berl Goldman from Gainesville, Rabbi Berel Levertov from Santa Fe, Rabbi Yosef Greenberg from Alaska, and many Shluchim from around the world joined via Zoom to farbreng and say l’chaim with him. Reb Yossi said a maamar in honor of the occasion, and his friends all wished him much success, gezunt and nachas.

Singer Aryeh Leib Horowitz and his choir enlivened the party with heartfelt niggunim. The celebration was graciously hosted by Rabbi Kasriel and Chana Elsha Shemtov.

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