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Ten Online School Classmates Join Friends Bar Mitzvah

From Rhode Island to Florida, ten classmates from the 8th grade boys class of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School flew in to join their classmate and friend Meir Tiechtel’s Bar Mitzvah and got to spend an incredible weekend together.

For Meir, having friends at his Bar Mitzvah is something he long looked forward to. Living on Shlichus, it is a treasured opportunity to have his classmates join in his Simcha.

Although a party was held with their community in Champaign, Illinois, a special event was arranged for family and friends so Meir could celebrate with his close friends. The ten classmates spent an incredible Shabbos together, finally getting to really bond with their friends they only know online culminating with the Bar Mitzvah celebration on Sunday.

“It was amazing to have so many of my classmates come,” shared Meir, “I was really looking forward to seeing them and getting to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah together with them!”

“Everyone at the Bar Mitzvah saw and was so impressed with how close the class was,” said Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel, Meir’s father. “It was so tangible and visible to see how close the boys are with each other.”

To top off the special weekend, the boys celebrated the Hanachos Tefillin of another classmate, Yosef Meir Tiechtel of Lawrence, Kansas on Sunday morning together.


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