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Turning No Camp and No School Into Two Days of Fun

The Shluchim Office invites all Tzeirei Hashluchim to join a two day program full of fun, learning and entertainment, free of charge. Keeping kids entertained during the time between camp and school can be a challenge. Well, it just got a lot easier. On Wednesday, August 18 / 10 Elul and Thursday, August 19 / 11 Elul from 1PM EST - 3PM EST the Shluchim Office will be hosting a full event open to all Young Shluchim and Shluchos. From 1PM EST - 2PM EST, children ages 4 - 6 are invited to join "Hands on Elul Learning & Fun" with Morah Mushka Blau. Wednesday supplies needed: Paper, sharpened pencil and crayons. Thursday supplies needed: Tzedaka box, 3 pennies, a few squirts of ketchup in a bowl, crayons and paper From 2PM EST - 3PM EST, the whole family can join who incredible entertainment catered for all ages. An exciting magic show will be featured on Wednesday and an interactive art class will be held on Thursday.

Tune in live on Wednesday and Thursday at and email with any questions.

Morah Mushka Blau will be teaching Sunday Cheder classes throughout the year for Shluchim's kids, for more information visit

Brought to you by Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim (CYH), established by Rabbi Mendel Shemtov, A”H who, with vision and generosity, pioneered the Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim project and facilitated its growth to ever greater heights.


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