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Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp in Full Swing

Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp of the Shluchim Office is in full swing with over 150 Young Shluchos enjoying a packed program together with their friends in Lake Worth, Florida. The incredible ten day experience began last week with Young Shluchos from around the world coming together for the long awaited opportunity to spend quality time with Shluchos like them in a fun and Chassidishe camp atmosphere. The campers have been making the most of days packed with awesome activities, meaningful Farbrengens and dynamic programs. This week’s amazing schedule included two massive water slides brought to the campgrounds for a day filled with water fun and a beautiful color war that involved every girl, showcasing their talents and creativity. A highlight of camp was this year’s grand trip, a full day which started off with an exciting boat ride where the girls had the best time riding on the thriller boat with their friends, cheering and smiling away. After a delicious pizza lunch, the campers were surprised with one more stop at a trampoline park before heading back to camp. “It’s been beautiful to see the connections the Young Shluchos are making and the inspiration they are taking in,” shared director Mrs. Mushka Minsky. “With camp shortly coming to an end, we are using every opportunity to give each girl the Chayus she needs to take back into her Shlichus.” Check out the full photo gallery at and visit for more information. Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp is a project of the Shluchim Office. The Shluchim Office honors the memory of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy A”H of OK Kosher organization, a longtime sponsor of the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camps.

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