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Watch: 22 Young Shluchim Finally Get A Grand Bar Mitzvah

After Covid scaled down their original Bar Mitzvah events, boys attending the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp of the Shluchim Office finally get a grand Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Throughout this past year, Covid impacted many milestone events and celebrations.

For Bar Mitzvah boys living on Shlichus, this meant their celebration was suddenly scaled down significantly, to a zoom or drive by event.

As a beautiful response to the Bar Mitzvahs that were compromised, an incredible event was put together in honor of all 22 Bar Mitzvah boys attending the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp.

"You can imagine the disappointment for a young Bar Mitzvah boy who, up until very recently, was envisioning a big celebration, and now is told that it will be significantly different", shared director, Rabbi Berel Bendet. "With Winter Camp open in full force this year Boruch Hashem, we wanted to do something really special for them."

The Young Shluchim were treated to a full, upscale program featuring live music and a gourmet meal, finally getting the grand celebration they each longed for. Highlighting the event, singer Eli Marcus surprised the boys, creating a lively and electric atmosphere as they danced the night away. Each camper returned with incredible memories of the event experienced, truly uplifted and inspired.

“Because of Covid, I wasn’t able to have a normal party, instead I had a drive through," said Bar Mitzvah boy, Yehuda Marlow from Miami, Florida. "Having this proper Bar Mitzvah, this emptiness inside me that I didn’t have a normal party, filled up and is not there anymore.”

Special thanks Osher and Rivka Karnowsky who co-sponsored the event לע"נ their son שמואל ע"ה קרנובסקי, as well as the other donors who made this tribute to the Young Shluchim possible.


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