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Watch: Worldwide Virtual Simchas Bais Hashoeva

The Nigri International Online School and the Shluchim Office hosted a special worldwide Simchas Bais Hashoeva l’zchus a Refuah Shleima for Meyer Nigri, the school’s major partner and supporter.

The online event invited shluchim kids from all over the world to join the school’s students, and over 1,500 children logged in to enjoy!

Families of the Online School were called up to say the 12 Pesukim and Tehillim in merit of Meir ben Adele, followed by a Rebbe video. Magic Avi astounded the global audience with a magic show. Then the music started, and children all over the globe got up to dance.

In the merit of the achdus, tzedaka and simcha of the children, may it be Hashem’s will that Meir ben Adele should have a complete and speedy recovery!


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