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Young Shluchim and Shluchos Have A Blast During Pre-Camp Program

Hundreds of young Shluchim and Shluchos had a blast joining Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim’s pre-camp program, enjoying 4 packed days of magic shows, rallies, art class and movement.

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim of the Shluchim Office just wrapped up their four days of fun, a free program for all young Shluchim and Shluchos where each day highlighted a different experience packed with inspiration, entertainment, and tons of fun.

“We really liked the dance party and the magic shows,” said Chaya and Gita Kaplan, young Shluchos to Victoria, BC, Canada. “Thank you for a great program!”

The program began on Tuesday with an incredible, hands-on art class with Tzipora Schor and continued on Wednesday with a riveting interactive show by Magic Avi. The children had the best on Thursday getting their movement in with special guest Dancing with Shuffa and were spellbound by the Nochum Show’s entertainment as the program wrapped on Friday.

Every day, the program began with a beautiful rally led by CYH director Mushka Goldman with the 12 Pesukim recited by young Shluchim and Shluchos who were tuning in live from around the world, watching a Rebbe video, and learning something inspirational and applicable to them.

The pre-camp program is a project of Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim (CYH), a division of the Shluchim Office.


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