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Young Shluchos Inspired by Bas Mitzvah Course

After an incredibly successful program these last two years, the Shluchim Office completed its last round of the highly anticipated and popular six-week Bas Mitzvah course.

The Bas Mitzvah course is designed to teach young Shluchos about Jewish women who impact our lives, the Mitzvos of women, and what it means to be Bas Mitzvah. In response to many requests after last year’s program taught and written by Morah Sara Rosenblum, the course was brought back again, taught by Morah Mushka Goldman.

“I loved the Bas Mitzvah classes last year,” said student Mussia Lazaroff. “They were interesting, fun, and interactive and I learned things in an enjoyable way!”

“The course stood out as being a warm environment that really gave the girls a healthy mindset in this new stage of life,” added Mussia’s mother, Mrs. Manya Lazaroff. “It really made online learning interactive, fun, and engaging while giving over Chassidishe Varemkeit and a lot of Toichen!”

Each class was one and a half hours, packed with meaningful and enjoyable learning, including a craft or project to end off each class.

“Each week the girls amazed me with their intelligence, creativity, and desire to grow, bonding over games, projects, and discussion of shared Shlichus experiences,” shared Morah Mushka Goldman. “Reflecting, I truly feel that I gained tremendously from my students, each of them personally contributing to the inspiring and motivating classroom dynamic. A Bas Mitzvah is an incredible milestone, and I feel lucky to have been a part of their preparations!”

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The Bas Mitzvah course is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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