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CECE Gathers For Day Of Inspiration

The CECE (Chabad Early Childhood Education) Network hosted an event during the Kinus Hashluchos, gathering preschool directors and teachers for a program full of practical tools and tips to bring back home.

“Words cannot express the tremendous role that the CECE network plays in the continued growth of our preschool," said Shterny after the event. "Not only does the CECE network consistently provide quality up to date articles, newsletters, and guidelines etc, but they are always one step ahead in helping us prepare for the next holiday, anticipating our needs."

Guest speaker, Mrs. Chanie Feldman, addressed the topic; Infants and Toddlers as Eager Learners at the event. Chanie has worked as an Early Childhood educator, director, and curriculum writer for over a decade. Chanie expounded and explored on how to create engaging programs for the youngest children. "All too often early childhood professional development opportunities focus on ages two and up. This year at the CECE @ Kinus gathering, it was wonderful to spend some time focusing on infants and toddlers" Said Mrs. Devory Krasnianski, CECE Founder and Director since 2006.

The Rebbe taught that from birth children should have access to the Torah as it is their yerusha. The Rebbe also taught that a young child is born dependent so that we may have the opportunity to provide for their needs, letting them know they matter. Based on these horaos, the mission of a Chabad infant-toddler program was defined as as: a program that offers an immersive Jewish experience that helps the youngest members of our Jewish community build a strong sense of self. With this as the foundation, the morning was spent discussing practical ways in which preschool faculty can support children's development physically, cognitively and emotionally.

CECE is honored to link arms with Shluchos as they embark on the journey that comes along with opening a Chabad preschool. The network offers a wide range of opportunities to the leadership of Chabad early-childhood education. This includes staff development training, curricula, annual conferences, resource library, family engagement tools, consultation services, moral support and more. As perfectly stated by one of the premium members, Binie: "CECE keeps my school functioning at its best!"

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The CECE Network is a department of The Shluchim Office, generously supported by the Walder Foundation.

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