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Chabad Early Childhood Opens Registration For Recharge Retreat

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office opens registration to all preschool directors on Shlichus for their annual recharge retreat in Chicago, Illinois.

Every year, the Chabad Early Childhood retreat is a rejuvenating experience for preschool directors to learn, connect and recharge together. The retreat is a unique opportunity for them to take a short break and enjoy time with like-minded Shluchos while gaining inspiration and practical tools through interactive workshops and presentations.

“Last year’s retreat was an inspiration, a motivation, and a vacation,” shared Mrs. Aida Shusterman, Shlucha to Beverly Hills, CA. “I learnt from the wonderful presenters and incredible fellow Shluchos and carried it home to my preschool and Shlichus!”

The packed 3 day program will be filled with lectures, workshops, networking opportunities, delicious food and self care sessions. Workshops and lectures will be given by many talented and sought out speakers including Brian and Carol Dupray, Natasha Lehrer Lewis, BrookLyne Dukes, Rena Grosser, Susan Salidor, Sara Lowenthal, Esther Leah Grunblatt and Endi Tennenhaus.

This year’s retreat will take place from Sunday, April 30 - Tuesday, May 2, just 2 weeks after Pesach in Chicago, Illinois.

“We are excited to invite all preschool directors on Shlichus to come and get the break they so deserve,” said Mrs. Rivky Baitelman, CEC director. “Join our sisterhood and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to gain insight and skills in preschool management, through interactive hands on sessions.”

Preschool directors can register by reaching out to

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, supported by the Walder Foundation.


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