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Chabad Early Childhood Releases Fully Packaged Chanukah Program

The Chabad Early Childhood, a division of the Shluchim Office has released a fully packaged Chanukah program, customizable for your communities needs.

“Chanukah is a time that families are seeking to connect with their Yiddishkeit,” shared the director, Mrs. Devora Krasnanski. “Although they may not join public Menorah events due to Covid, there are creative ways to involve them in Chanukah celebrations. We are so excited about the Menorah Hunt and have been receiving great responses from Shluchim!”

The Menorah Hunt is a re-imagined family scavenger hunt that can be done at an in person event or a drive through program at your Chabad house or around your neighborhood. Every family that comes to the event receives a card of 3 Menorahs they need to find.

The Menorahs are posters that can be spread around your Chabad house indoors or outdoors or around your town. Every Menorah poster features a Menorah from around the world, giving every family the opportunity to learn and be inspired by Jewish unity. Once the family finds the Menorah, if they are in person they take a selfie and post it on social media, if they are driving through they fill out their coloring page.

“I was debating going back and forth whether to do a Chanukah event for my preschool but then I heard about the Menorah Hunt,” wrote Mrs. Mussia Baumgarten, Shlucha to East Hampton, New York. “I saw how easy it would be for me and how meaningful it would be for my community. It made it a no brainer and really simplified the planning, we are really excited for the hunt!”

Included in the Menorah Hunt package are fifteen “Menorah around the world” posters, instructions and customization ideas for Shluchim, participant instruction and Menorah Hunt cards. All designs are professionally made on Canva and can be easily customized and printed.

To learn more and get your Menorah Hunt package visit

Find out more about Chabad Early Childhood at

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, generously sponsored by the Walder Foundation.


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